Private Consultation:

Helping Parents Find Clarity

Rebecca Janke Parent Consulting, Vancouver BC

Consultation Package:

Your work with Rebecca begins with a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to establish a need for service.  Once the scope is understood and you’re ready to move forward, you will be given a Pre-Consultation Form to complete that identifies key focus areas and jump-starts the first meeting with Rebecca. The first meeting is a 2 hour personalized consultation in which your family is understood and the need for change is identified. Through skilled assessment and questioning, Rebecca will provide support to your situation and ensure that you are left with an action plan for success. This package also includes one 1.5 hour follow-up visit either in person or by phone or Skype. -$350

Hourly Consultation:

  • In person: $115 per hour
  • By phone or Skype: $100 per hour

Courses and Workshops:

Rebecca facilitates large group seminars and small group weekly courses.  Contact Rebecca to discuss the needs of your group.  Rates for courses and workshops are posted when scheduled.  To book a private group course or workshop, fees will be based on location and number of participants.  The minimum number of participants for a course is 10 and for workshops the minimum number is 6. See Course Listings

Payment for Registered Social Work Services

In British Columbia many extended health benefit plans cover a portion of registered social work services. For those without a benefit plan, registered social work fees qualify to be deducted as a medical expense on your personal income tax return.


Private consultation with Rebecca Janke is offered at offices in Vancouver (Broadway) or Burnaby (Metrotown).  Courses and workshops are facilitated at various locations throughout Metro Vancouver.